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My Ancestors

I intend to have a page generated by my genealogy program sometime in the future but this will have to do for now. There is a table of ancestors here. Yes, I know it's not that easy to read. A little bit more information about my immigrant ancestors is here.

Also, here is a link to my Zehner Page. This page deals with only the Zehner part of my family tree.

Here is my blood quantum based on my immigrant ancestors. Everytime I try to figure it out the numbers change slightly. It depends on how confident I am about putting someone in the German category or back into the unknown category. Yes, I do think this is kind of a silly exercise. It's kind of meaningless when you think about it, but getting these numbers is probably one of the original reasons I started doing genealogy in the first place.

German: 75-81% (a few Germans had Huguenot ancestry)

Scotch-Irish: 4.6875-5.46875%

Manx: 3.125%

English: 1.5625% (at most)

Unknown: 9-10%

  • German: These are ancestors who are known to be from a German speaking area. It also includes ancestors (mostly women) who are probably from a German area based on their family names, where they lived in the United States (often Pennsylvania "Dutch" country), or whom they married. They are all from the 1700s when marrying outside of their ethnic group or religion was rare, if for no other reason than there wasn't anyone outside their ethnic group or religion locally to marry!
  • The French (Huguenots) actually emigrated from Germany. They were largely German speaking when they came to America.
  • One ancestor maybe have been Sorbian and was almost certainly German in language and culture when he emigrated. And he may not have even been Sorbian. If he was, the family may have lost the language generations before emigration.
  • The Irish were probably originally English or Scottish—let's say before the 1600s or so.
  • The unknown ancestry is made up of people who were probably German or Scotch-Irish but this is pretty much a guess or I wouldn't be calling these people unknown!
  • If one could go far enough back in the records, some of the Manx ancestors were from Iceland or maybe Norway. Of course, Iceland was originally colonized from (mostly) Norway to begin with.
  • Many ancestors from Switzerland and southwest Germany may very well have been Celtic way, way back - part of the Hallstatt and La Tène cultures. These cultures have been linked to the Celts (and other groups including Slavs and Illyrians).

Below are the names of my ancestors. Some of the immigrant ancestors have been marked. Sources for some ancestors are a bit shaky (to say the least). Complicating things is that Aaron Franks and Barbara Miller were third cousins. And really complcating things is that John Bartholomew Stein and Barbara Schmidt were second cousins, once removed. So some ancestors get an extra great- depending on how you run up the line.

Larry Franks (1939-2001)
Harriet Haas (1939-2010)

Donald Franks
Edna Maxine Ickes

Carl (Karl) Haas (1913-2005)
Mabel Walters (1914-1986)

Michael Odell "Dell" Franks (1873-1935)
Anna "Annie" Sue Swinehart (1874-1957)

John Ickes (1876-1940)
Irene Palmer (1879-1976)

Martin Haas (1873-1942)(immigrant ancestor - Steinseltz, Alsace)
Kathryn Gibson (1882-1917)

Herman Walters (1878-1954)
Clara Zehner (1881-1956)

Aaron Marion Franks (1843-1906)
Barbara Ann Miller (1845-1924)

Tobias "Toby" Swinehart (1833- )
Susanna Homsher

Nathaniel Ickes
Mary Catherine (Kate) Smith

George Palmer
Nancy Rice

Jacob Haas (1842-1919)
Magdalena Biegler

Howard Mortimer Gibson (1859-1934)
Nora Hosterman

Martin Walter(s)
Elizabeth Billman

Henry Zehner (1848-1904)
Elizabeth Jane Rex (1863-1929)

Aaron Franks (1797-1883)
Rebecca Sulifend (1801-1868)

Andrew Miller (1809-1873)
Jane Lemmon (1819-1897)

Daniel Swinehart (1792- )
Catherine Krauss (1795-1857)

David Homsher
Susanna Huber

Jacob Ickes
Catherine Fetter

Henry Smith
Susan Harbaugh

George Palmer
Elizabeth Grable

William Rice
Fanny Howman

Jean Martin Haas
Salomé Rott

Louis Biegler
Catherine Weimer

Andrew Gibson (abt. 1810- )(immigrant ancestor - Ireland)
Martha Crellin (abt. 1818- )(immigrant ancestor - Andreas Parish, Isle of Man)

Peter Hosterman
Rebecca Hibbs

Michael Walther (immigrant ancestor - Alsace)
Margaret Wedrick (immigrant ancestor - Alsace)

John Billman (immigrant ancestor - Alsace)
Magdalena Myers (immigrant ancestor - Alsace)

Jacob Zehner
Maria Stein

Levi Rex (1832-1901)
Sarah Ann (Worline?) (1832-1871)

George Franks (1765-1821)
Abigail Smith (Appolonia Schmidt) (1767-1845)

unknown Sulifend (originally "Sullivan"?)
Anna Maria Bonewitz (1784-1872)

Jacob Miller (1775-1851)
Dorothe Franks (1779-1820)

Robert Lemmon (1780-1875)(born in America but his parents were born in Ireland; parents' names are unknown)
Mary Anna Young (1799-1836)

Jorg Michael Schweinhardt
Maria Magdalena Weisner

Michael Krauss
Catherine (maiden name unknown)

David Hamscher
Mary Zearfoss

Phillip Ickes
Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)

John Fetter
Eve Wareham

John J. Smith
Sarah (maiden name unknown)

Daniel Harbaugh
Catherine Stickle

Jacob Grable
Elizabeth Brunner

John Rice
Margaret Wible

Frederick Howman
Elizabeth Rishel

Martin Haas
Madeleine Rupp

Johann Martin Rott
Dorothée Roth

James Gibson (abt. 1785-abt.1841)
Nancy (abt.1785-aft.1841)(maiden name unknown)

Henry Crellin
Catherine Kenyon (Catherine Kaneen)

Jacob Hosterman
Elizabeth Wining (Weining)

Isaac Hibbs
Mary Lucas

Michael Billman
Magdalena (maiden name unknown)

John Zehner
Barbara Zimmerman

John Stein (Johannes Bartholomew Stein)
Maria Barbara Schmidt

Abraham Rex
Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)

unknown Worline (Benjamin Mattox [Mattix] [1803-1864] was step-father)
Lydia Ann Boston (1813-1907)

Jacob Franck (1743-1802)(immigrant ancestor - Palatinate or Alsace)
Barbara Brandenburg (1741-1839) (immigrant ancestor - Germany, maybe Berlin)

Phillip Schmidt (abt. 1729-1814)(immigrant ancestor - Germany)
Barbara Markely (Märkele?) (abt. 1730-1819)(immigrant ancestor - Germany)

Jacob Bonewitz (abt. 1761-1818)
Maria Ephrosina Specht (abt. 1750-1822)

Andrew Miller (Andreas Müller) (1743-1816)
Barbara Hook (1750-?)

Michael Franck (abt. 1745-1814)(immigrant ancestor - Palatinate or Alsace - brother of Jacob Franck above)
Elisabeth (bef. 1750-?)(maiden name unknown)

Georg Andreas Schweinhardt
Elisabeth Specht

Leonard Wiesner
Rosina Schick

Anton Hamscher (immigrant ancestor - Gau Heppenheim, Palatinate)
Anna Margaretha Raudenbusch

Frederick Zearfoss (immigrant ancestor - Palatinate)
Maria Fadin

John Ickes
Maria Elisabetha Stambach

Michael Fetter

John Wareham (Wehrheim?)
Christina J. (maiden name unknown)

John George Harbaugh
Maria Barbara Oyler

Frederick Rice (Reiss)
Catherine Lauffer

Thomas Weibel
Maria Magdalena Schmidt

William Kaneen
Jane Christian

Peter Hosterman (immigrant ancestor - Palatinate)
Elisabeth (maiden name unknown)

Isaac Hibbs
Elizabeth Cuppy?

Johann Adam Zehner (immigrant ancestor)
Maria Mertz

Michael Stein
Anna Catherine Brobst

Jacob Schmidt
Anna Margaretha Probst

Christopher Mattox (abt. 1760-1832)
Christiana Hines (1779-1834)

Michael Franck (abt. 1725-1793)

Alexander Brandenburg (bef. 1725-1793)
Anna (maiden name unknown)

Adam Bonewitz (?-1761)
Juliana (maiden name unknown)

Martin Specht
Justina Margaretha (maiden name unknown)

George Hoke (immigrant ancestor - Germany)
Anna Barbara LeFevre

Georg Michael Schweinhardt (immigrant ancestor - Jungholzhausen, Württemberg)
Elenora Magdalena Eckert (immigrant ancestor - Nesselbach, Württemberg)

Johannes Martin(us) Hamscher
Anna Margaretha (maiden name unknown)

Johann Jacob Stambach
Margaretha (maiden name unknown)

George Harbaugh
Catherine Willard

Barnhart Reiss

Christian Lauffer

Daniel Christian

Joseph Hibbs
Rachel Waring

John Roberts

David Zehner
Sabina Mertz

Johan Heinrich Mertz
Ana Rosmanin (Anna Rossman or Rosenman)

Jacob Steinman

Johan Nicholas Schmidt (immigrant ancestor - Germany)
Elisabeth Barbara Keck (immigrant ancestor - Germany)

Jean Martin Probst (nephew of Johann Michael below) (immigrant ancestor - Oberseebach, Alsace)
Anna Elizabeth Hechler

Johann Michael Probst (immigrant ancestor - Kandel, Palatinate)
Anna Maria Kerr (Kehr)

Philip Jacob Heintz
Mary Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)

Johann Jacob Höck

Isaac LeFevre (immigrant ancestor - Château Chinon, Burgundy, France)
Catherine Ferree

Hans Gabriel Schweinhardt
Elisabetha Anna Steinbach

Leonhardt Michael Eckert
Maria Barbara Seutz (Säutz)

Mattheus Hamscher
Maria Barbara (maiden name unknown)

Johannes Stambach
Maria Catherina Meyer

Johann Jost Herbach
Maria Margaretha Klein

Jacques Vieillard
Maria Elisabetha Cordier

William Hibbs (immigrant ancestor - Dean Forest, near Gloucester, England)
Hannah Howell (probably immigrant ancestor - maybe from England, but surname can be Welsh and Dean Forest is on Welsh border)

Johannes Heintz (immigrant ancestor - Dillenburg, Duchy of Nassau)
Anna Maria (maiden name unknown; immigrant ancestor - Dillenburg, Duchy of Nassau)

Conrad Schweinhardt

Abraham LeFevre

Daniel Ferré
Marie de la Warembure (immigrant ancestor - Picardy, France)

Hans Steinbach
Elisabeth Barbara Heterich

Hans Leonhardt Eckert
Catharine Weinmann

Christof Seutz (Säutz)

Felix Stambach
Anna Maria Wehrling

Jacob Meyer
Anna (maiden name unknown)

Johann Peter Herbach
?Anna Maria Singer

Nicholaus Vieillard
Catherine Grosjean

William Hibbs
Joanne (maiden name unknown)

Thomas Howell (Houl)
Mary (maiden name unknown)

Conrad Mertz

Johann David Mertz
Veronica Schneider

Johan Jacob Rosenman
Anna Magdalena Scheur

Philipp Jacob Probst
Anne Catherine Christ

Christophel Probst
Eva Christina Hofmann

Johannes Heintz
Maria (maiden name unknown)

Hans Eckert
Maria (maiden name unknown)

Hans Weinmann
Barbara? Fischer

Ulrich Stambach

?Abraham Singer

Leonhardt Steinbach

Leonhard Heterich
Magdalena Poser Feser

Peter Mertz
Veronica (maiden name unknown)

Joseph Schneider

Bartholomew (Barthel) Probst
Susanna Fischer

Andreas Poser Feser
Maria (maiden name unknown)

Johannes Mertz
Rosina Hafa

Rudolph Probst

Niklaus Probst
Margreth (maiden name unknown)

?Hans Michel Probst (born abt. 1531 Canton Bern, Switzerland)