Another Ancestor Chart

This is just a chart of my ancestors. Yes, I'm publishing this on the Internet, but it's really more for me to remember who's who quickly. If you're a serious researcher, I wouldn't really rely on it.

I'm only going back to the immigrant ancestor if I know them. With a few of them, I can go back even farther.

Immigrant ancestors' names are in bold.

To find the father of someone, double the number on the left. To find the mother, double the number and add one.

Also: Deutschland—Germany, (die) Schweiz—Switzerland, (das) Elsass/Elsaß—Alsace (now in France), Hessen—Hesse, Éire—Ireland, Skyll Andreays—Kirk Andreas, Ellan Vannin—Isle of Man, Pfalz—Palatinate. Germany became a country as we know it in 1871. Before that, the area was a myriad of kingdoms, duchies, principalities, and so on. The Palatinate is a region of Germany controlled by various people over the centuries.

Keep in mind that I subscribe to The Way-I-Do-Genealogy-Makes-Real-Genealogists-Spin-In-Their-Graves School of Genealogical Research. Though I am pretty confident in what I've learned about my family tree back to about the 1830s or so, anything before that is mostly the work of others. Some of what is below is not very well sourced at all. Even some of the researchers themselves admit it. You can ask me about these people if you want, but, to be honest, I usually don't know much more myself.

Yes, this page needs to be edited considerably more than what I've done so far.

A little bit more information about my immigrant ancestors is here.


1 Me


2 Father


4Donald Orland Franks
5Edna Maxine Ickes
6 Carl (Karl) Martin Haas
7Mabel Elizabeth Walters


8Michael Odell "Dell" Franks
9Anna Sue Swinehart
10John Franklin Ickes
11Irene Mae Palmer
12Martin Haas—Steinselz, Elsass
13Kathryn "Kate" Gibson
14Herman Calvin Walters
15Clara Belle Zehner


16Aaron Marion Franks
17Barbara Ann Miller
18Tobias Swinehart
19Susanna Homsher
20Nathaniel Ickes
21Mary Catherine "Kate" Smith
22George Dallas Palmer
23Nancy Rice
26Howard Mortimer Gibson
27Eleonora "Nora" Hosterman
28Martin Walters
29Elizabeth Billman
30Henry Zehner
31Elizabeth Jane Rex


32Aaron Franks
33Rebecca Sulifend
34Andrew Miller
35Jane Lemon
36Daniel Swinehart
37Catharine Krauss
38David Homsher
39Susanna Hoover (Huber)
40Jacob Ickes
41Catherine Fetter
42Henry Smith
43Susan Harbaugh
44George Palmer
45Elizabeth Grable
46William Rice
47Fannie Howman
52Andrew Gibson—Éire
53Martha Crellin—Skyll Andreays, Ellan Vannin
54Peter Hosterman
55Rebecca Hibbs22
56Michael Walter—Elsass
57Margaret Wedrick—Elsass
58John Billman—Elsass
59Magdalena Myers—Elsass
60Jacob Zehner
61Anna Maria Stein
62Levi Rex
63Sarah Ann Worline21


64Georg Franck (George Franks)
65Appolonia Schmidt (Abigail Smith)
67Anna Maria Bonewitz
68Jacob Miller
69Dorothe Franks
70Robert Lemon
71Mary Anna Young
72Georg "Jorg" Michael Schweinhardt
73Maria Margaretha Wiesner/Weisner
74?Michael Krauss
76David Hamscher
77Mary Polly Zearfoss
78Abraham Huber
79Esther Brubaker24
80Phillip Ickes
81Elizabeth... or Magdalina/Magdalena Standick
82John Fetter
83Eve Wareham
84John J. Smith
85Sarah ?Felger18
86Daniel Harbaugh
87Catherine Stickle
90Jacob Grable
91Elizabeth "Betsey" Brunner or Bruner30
92John Rice
93Margaret Wible
94Frederick Howman
95Elizabeth Rishel or Rishler
108Jacob Hosterman
109Elizabeth Winnings
110Isaac Hibbs
111Mary Lucas
120John Zehner
121Barbara Zimmerman
122John Stein
123Maria Barbara Schmidt
124Abraham Rex
127Lydia Boston


128Jacob Franck—Elsass or Pfalz
129Barbara Brandenburg—Deutschland11
130Philip Schmidt—Pfalz
131Barbara Merkle—Pfalz
134Jacob Bonewitz
135Maria Ephrosina (Eva Rosina) Specht
136Andew Miller/Andreas Müller
137Barbara Hook
138Michael Franck—Elsass or Pfalz
140father of Robert Lemon—Éire
141mother of Robert Lemon—Éire
144Georg Andreas Schweinhardt23,26—Nesselbach, Württemberg
145Anna Maria Schmeid
146Johann Leonhardt Wiesner—Dietenhan, Baden3
147Rosina Elisabetha Schick—Deutschland4
148?Heinrich Kraus
149?Anna Maria...
152Anton Hamscher—(Gau) Heppenheim, Pfalz
153Margaretha Raudenbusch27
154Frederick Zearfoss—Pfalz39
155Margaret Fedin1
156Henry Hoover or Heinrich Huber
157Anna Herr
158John Brubaker24
160John Heinrich Ickes28
161Elizabeth Catherine Stambaugh/Maria Elisabetha Stambach
164Johann Michael Fetter—Freinsheim, Pfalz
165Maria Catherine Schmied2
166John Wareham (Wehrheim?)
170?Adam Felger18
172George Harbaugh
173Maria Barbara Oyler
180John Grable
181Salomé Hickman
184Frederick Rice or Reis(s)
185Anna Catharina Lauffer
186Thomas Weibel
187Maria Magdalena Schmidt
188Johan Philip Haman12—Kürnbach13
189Margareth Bromm14—Kürnbach
216Peter Hosterman
217Elisabetha Margaretha Wagner25
218John Winings
220Isaac Hibbs15
221Elizabeth Cuppy?
240Johann Adam Zehner—Deutschland
241Anna Maria Mertz20
242Leonhard Zimmerman—Obersaulheim?, Pfalz
243Sophia (Serier?)—Obersaulheim?, Pfalz
244Michael Stein
245Anna Catharina Brobst
246Jacob Schmidt
247Anna Margaretha Probst


268Adam Bonnawitz—Deutschland
269Juliana Margaretha Franciscus—Schweiz
270Martin Specht
271Justina Margaretha ?Gruber
274Johan Georg Hoke/Hoch—Deutschland
275Anna Barbara LeFevre10
306Johann Georg Jerig Raudenbusch—Steinsfurt
312Hans Heinrich Huber—Hausen am Albis, Kanton Zürich, Schweiz
313Katharina Gut1
314Abraham Herr
315Veronica Fronica Hostetter
320John Peter Ickes
321Anna Maria Klein/Anna Marie Klein or Barbara B. Fickes
322Johann Jacob Stambach—Kutzenhausen, Elsass
340Johannes Heinrich Henry Felger—Deutschland18
341Anna Maria Mary Müller—Pfalz18
344Johann Georg Herbach—Kirschweiler, Pfalz
345Catherine Williard9—Erlenbach, Pfalz
346Johann Jakob Eyler—Maar, Hessen
347Susanna Maria/Anna Maria Fohl—Deutschland
360Josef Krähenbühl—Deutschland31
361Mary Rowland/Roland
362Charles Hickman—Wolfersweiler, Saarland8
363Morila Grable/Morilla Grabil
368Barnhart/Bernhardt Reiss—Deutschland
369Anna Elisabetha ?Eberhart1
370Christian Lauffer—Weisenheim an Sand, Pfalz
371Susanna Best—Pfalz
372Stephen Weibel—Schweiz38
373?Maria Elisabetha König—Hoffen, Elsass
432Jacob Hosterman—Pfalz
433Maria Barbara Wampfler1
434Konrad Wagner25
440Joseph Jacob Hibbs
441Elizabeth Lacey
442Johannes Köppe32—Deutschland
443Margaret Elizabeth Parker17
482Johann Peter Mertz—Elsass
488Jacob Steinman
490Jean Martin Probst/Johann Martin Brobst—Oberseebach, Elsass33
491Anna Elisabeth Hechler
492Johann Nicholas Schmidt—Deutschland
493Elisabeth Barbara Keck—Deutschland
494Johann Michael Probst—Kandel, Pfalz
495Anna Maria42


550Isaac Lefèvre—Château-Chinon, France
551Catherine Ferree—Landau, Pfalz34
628Christian Herr—Kanton Zürich, Schweiz19
629Anna Bär—Hausen am Albis, Kanton Zürich, Schweiz
630Oswald Hostetter—?Elsass35
631Maria Schenk?
640Johann Christian Ickes—Der Kraichgau, Deutschland6
722Johannes Roland—Deutschland
723Anna Maria Heller?1
880Joseph Hibbs
881Rachel ?Waring
882Thomas Lacy
883Elizabeth Canby
886John Parker—Homington, Wiltshire, England36


1760William Hibbs—Dean Forest, Gloucestershire, England
1761Hannah Howell5
1764William Lacey—Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
1765Mary Parlett—Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
1766Thomas Canby—Thorne, Yorkshire, England
1767Sarah Jarvis1, 37


3522Thomas Howell—Harlaston, Staffordshire, England
3523Katherine Thomas—Farnsworth,41 Warwickshire, England

1. These ancestors are thought to be immigrant ancestors but no records of their immigration can be found.
2. Sources have her born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, in 1730. Her parents must certainly have been immigrants.
3. If Leonhardt's (Leonhard Weissner) father was Johann Michael Wiesner (many spellings for Wiesner), then he would have come to America as a child.
4. If Rosina's father was Erhardt Schick, then she would have come to America as a child.
5. Hannah Howell seems to have been born in Byberry (near Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, in 1667.
6. If Johann Christian's father was Johann Michael Ittich/Itig (various spellings) who settled around Schoharie, New York, then the family may be from Landshausen in the Kraichgau region of Baden.
8. Charles Hickman seems to have been an immigrant. A descendant says he was from Holland, but it may be that he was the son of Andreas Heckman of Wolfersweiler in the Saarland. Andreas immigrated in 1742. Charles was born about 1735.
9. Catharina's surname was originally Vieillard (various spellings). She was a Huguenot descendant.
10. Anna Barbara LeFevre may have been a daughter or granddaughter of Isaac LeFevre and Catherine Ferree. That her maiden name was LeFevre isn't so much in doubt, but it's impossible to fit her into the family tree.
11. There is no record of Barbara's father's (Alexander Heinrich Brandenburg) immigration to America. Men who are thought to be his brothers came from Niederhattert and Winkelbach. These towns are only two or three kilometers apart. They were in the Grafschaft (county) of Sayn-Hachenburg when they left in the 1750s. Later these became a part of Nassau.
12. Johan Philip Haman as Frederick Howman's father has not been established through civil or religious records. Paternity has been assumed through DNA tests. Haman could conceivably be an uncle or grandfather. Circumstantially, it seems likely that he is his father.
13. Kürnbach was in the Württembergisch-Hessisch Kondominium when Haman emigrated. It is now in the state of Baden-Württemberg.
14. Johan Philip Haman married a Margareth(a) Bromm in Kürnbach.
15. Isaac Hibbs's ancestry has always been problematic for me and others. He probably is a descendant of a William Hibbs, but it's been difficult to fit him into the family tree.
16. That Barbara comes from Ireland is based only on a reconstruction of the 1820 Census of Green Twp., Harrison Co., Ohio. Another source says she's from Pennsylvania. This seems more likely. If the reconstruction is accurate, Barbara's maiden name may have been Black. Next to her in the reconstruction is a James Black from Ireland.
17. John Cuppy (Junior; Elizabeth Cuppy's brother) was 99 or 100 years old when someone wrote down some of his biography. He said that his mother's name was Devore, but circumstantial evidence suggests it was Parker. A summary of the problem is here.
18. Some researchers have Sarah's maiden name as Felger. There are several Felgers near her in West Salem Cemetery (Wayne County, Ohio). Her father may have been an Adam Felger, whose father may have been a Johannes Heinrich (Henry) Felger/Felgar, who may have been born in 1755 in or near Auetal in the state of Niedersachsen in Germany or in the Westerwald region northeast of the city of Coblenz. Henry died in 1813 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Adam's mother may have been an Anna Maria (Mary) Müller, who was born in 1747 in the Pfalz (Palatinate) in Germany and died in 1837 in Wayne County, Ohio. Clearly, there is much supposition here.
19. Christian Herr's father was Rev. Hans Herr, the Mennonite Bishop. Hans Herr's wiki is here.
20. Many have Maria Mertz's father as Heinrich Mertz, but in his book Johann Adam and Anna Maria (Mertz) Zehner Family of Berks and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania William J. Zehner believes her father was Johann Peter Mertz.
21. I no longer believe that Sarah Ann was the daughter of Benjamin Mattox. I think her father had the surname Worline. She is "Sarah Ann Wherloin" on her marriage record, and her son William said her maiden name was Worline in his marriage record. Sarah Ann is the oldest of Lydia's children and there is a gap of a few years between Sarah Ann and Benjamin and Lydia's first child. (Benjamin was the son of Christopher Mattox and Christiana Hinds/Heintz. Christopher's family tree cannot reliably be traced any further back. Christiana's can be easily found on various sites.) I think Lydia Boston may be connected to the Bastians of Woodsboro, Maryland.
22. Rebecca Hibbs Harden Hosterman's pedigree has always been problematic. Some are not convinced that her parents are Isaac Hibbs and Mary Lucas. I don't have a problem with this, but identifying her grandparents, as well as her great-grandparents, is also difficult. There is simply much speculation involved here. See notes 15 and 17 above.
23. When Georg Andreas emigrated with his parents and siblings, Nesselbach was in the County of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. Later the county was made a principality. In the early 19th century it was in Württemberg. Today, Nesselbach is simply a section of the small city of Langenburg, Baden-Württemberg. Some sources say Georg Andreas emigrated from Bächlingen. It too is now a section of Langenburg.
24. I think Esther Brubaker (1772-1848) may have been the daughter of a John Brubaker and a woman whose maiden name was Oberholtzer, but I don't have a shred of evidence to back that up. If she was his daughter, she would be a granddaughter of a Hans Jacob/John Jacob Bruppacher who emigrated from Ibersheim in the Palatinate. The family was Mennonite and earlier migrated from Switzerland due to the religious persecution of Anabaptists.
25. Elisabetha's name actually shows up as "Elizabetha Markreta Waagener". Her father Konrad's name is found as "Connerath Waagener"
26. Sometimes seen as Georg Andreas Michael Schweinhart. There are also several spellings of Swinehart in English and German.
27. Margaretha may have been an immigrant, coming to America at about age three, or she was born in Pennsylvania. The family was from Steinsfurt, which is now in Baden-Württemberg. "Margaretha" was the name she would have gone by. Her first name was Maria or maybe Anna.
28. John's name also appears as 'John Heinrich', 'John Christian Heinrich', and 'John Christian'.
29. Her name shows up as 'Christina Jane' usually but also as 'Mary' or 'Mary Christina Jane'.
30. It's nice to have her maiden name, but I can't get back any farther with her. She is probably from Washington County, Pennsylvania, but she just might part of the Bruner family in Frederick, Maryland.
31. Joseph Grable. The surname has many spellings (Grable, Kreybiel, Graybill, others) in the United States. 'Krähenbühl' may be the standard spelling in Germany and Switzerland today. The family was probably Mennonite and from Switzerland before moving to Germany. It's not clear whether he was from Germany or Switzerland.
32. Johannes Köppe's/John Cuppy's family may have been from the town of Vipperow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
33. Oberseebach is now Seebach.
34. There are many spellings of her last name. It may or may not have been 'La Verre' in generations past. She may have had Huguenot roots.
35. The Hostetter (sometimes Hostettler, Hochstetter, Hoffstetter, others) family was originally from Mettmenstetten, Zürich.
36. That John Parker is from England is not at all certain.
37. Sarah Jarvis/Jervis may have been born in Thorne, Yorkshire, England.
38. It is generally been believed that Stephen Weibel was from Switzerland, but it is not confirmed.
39. There are many spellings for Zearfoss: Zerfass, Zerfaß, others.
40. This unknown Worline (Werline, Werlein) is also almost certainly a descendant of Johann Michael Werlein and Catherine Schatz. Both were born in Germany and died in Pennsylvania. It seems that all of the Worlines in Marlborough Township, Delaware County, Ohio, are descendants. Unknown Worline probably died (or ran off) in the early 1830s. Johann Michael and Catherine would have been his great-grandparents. Also see note 21.
41. I cannot find a Farnsworth in Warwickshire or anywhere in England. There is a Farnworth near Manchester.
42. Her maiden name was probably not Kehr or Kerr. It seems that that Anna Maria Kerr/Kehr married a different Johann Michael Probst.