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Favorite Links

The following (in no particular order) is a list of links that I use from time to time.

This is the Manx language page of Frances Coakley's Manx Note Book. Everything (and I do mean everything) that you could possibly want to know about the Isle of Man is here.

My Facebook page
I have a Facebook page. I have no idea why I have one. What is the point exactly? I'm anti-social. I like human languages. But I'm not so fond of the humans. Presidents' Languages
This is a page I just started concerning the languages that American presidents learned or spoke. I haven't really seen anything quite like it on the Internet. Presidential biographies often don't mention which languages a president spoke.

Zehner Page
Currently my main page on Zehner information.

Zehner Reunion stuff
The page hasn't been updated in ages and is something of a wreck. Beware: Your back button will be disabled when clicking into this page and you will not be able to get back here. Of course, maybe you don't want to be back here...

Museum of Bad Art
Everyone's heard of the MOMA. Well, this is the MOBA. I'm not really artsy. In fact, I have no Internet life outside of languages and genealogy, so I can't remember how I stumbled onto this site, but the first time I saw it I laughed til I cried.

Here's something i just saw while meandering through Wikipedia: The interrobang. That could be quite useful!?!? Or should that be "‽‽"?

Bubak is a children's program in Lower Sorbian. Remember: there are only about 7,000 speakers of Lower Sorbian so their entire potential audience may only number in the hundreds.

This is probably my favorite blog, though I like dKos, too.

Panda's Thumb
An anti-creationism, anti-intelligent design science blog. It's pretty strange that I read a science blog because I'm not really into science! What's even odder is that I don't even understand half of what's on the page.

Latvian Orthodox Church
Though the writers of the "The Conversion" episode of Seinfeld didn't know it, there is in fact a Latvian Orthodox Church (under the Patriarchate of Moscow). Most members are ethnicly Russian but some members, probably only numbering in the tens of thousands, are Latvian. There are all sorts of "ethnic group + Orthodox" churches that I never heard of like the German Orthodox and Italian Orthodox churches. I have no idea why I find this interesting.

Official U.S. Time
Just what it says — the official U.S. time.

Cassini-Huygens Landing
This is a four minute animation of the landing of the Cassini-Huygens probe that went to Saturn's satellite Titan. It's really neat. Very realistic.

Unitarian Bahā'ī Association
I'm not religious, except that I am.

Reform Taoism
I'm religious, except that I'm not.

Search Thingies

This isn't really a search engine of course. But I find all sorts of information here.
I'm not too fond of Yahoo right now (reason one and reason two). I've largely given up on Travelocity — they like to up the price of airline tickets just about when you're going to buy them. But I do find myself using their currency converter from time to time.
Here's where Yahoo maps are found. Ironically, I usually can't find this site when I want to find someplace! Generally I just pull out an atlas.
I don't really use this that much. But it is fun to see what the weather is like in different parts of the world — even in Antarctica!