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Right now, I just have flags of countries and regions from which my ancestors came. A few of these flags are the flags used when my ancestors came to the United States (or as close as I could find). There is probably a proper way to display these flags (even on a computer screen) - some have to go to the right of others or something, but I'm just to lazy to figure out what order that is.

These flag gifs came from Flags of the World where you can truly find more flags and more information on flags than you can possibly comprehend.

Oh, and don't worry if you can't find Tekewa on a map. It's a country I made up!

Alsace (Elsass, Elsaß)

Isle of Man (Ellan Vannin)


Palatinate (Pfalz)

Wales (Cymru)

Sorbian Ethnic Group (Serbstwo)



Republic of Tekewa (Ripūpalika'y Tekewa)

Sample Photo 10

Sample Photo 11

Sample Photo 12